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Song Suggestions

Worship Philosophy 

Part of our vision statement at Atonement is “God-honoring worship.”  Different people have different ideas and preferences in music.  Our aim has been to select songs that are honoring to God, proclaim Biblical truth clearly and are edifying in worship.  We seek to strike a balance between familiar classic hymns from our heritage of faith over centuries past and incorporating newer songs of worship into the life of the congregation. We believe that there is great value to both, regardless of preferences  -- young people can benefit greatly from worshiping God with some of the great hymns of the faith from centuries past and mature generations can also benefit from “singing a new song to the Lord.”

For this reason, we have avoided creating two different style worship services.  There are rich benefits and beauty in the blending of generations, styles, preferences and traditions in the worship service.  We would miss out on the combination of the depth of faith tradition and maturity combined with fresh expressions and young vitality.  Obviously, this takes some deference and patience but we believe it is worth it to have a healthy family of faith with all the generations represented in unity.

We appreciate your prayers for God’s leading and wisdom and good balance in this.  We welcome your feedback in how we are doing in this area.  There is always room for improvement!


If you would like to suggest a possible song for worship or special music, please use the form below.

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