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2015 Sermons

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Title Scripture Speaker Date Series
2015-12-27 Wise Men Shall Follow Jesus Matthew 2:1-12 Pastor Rick Long 2015-12-20 General Topics
2015-12-20 Why the Wisemen? Matthew 2:1-12 Pastor Rick Long 2015-12-20 General Topics
2015-12-13 Why Shepherds? Luke 2:8-18 Pastor Rick Long 2015-12-13 General Topics
2015-12-06 Why a Baby? Pastor Rick Long 2015-12-06 General Topics
2015-11-29 Why Bethlehem? Luke 2 Pastor Rick Long 2015-11-29 General Topics
2015-11-22 Press Forward! Joshua 3 Pastor Rick Long 2015-11-22 General Topics
2015-11-15 An Amazing Illustration of Faith... and Grace Joshua 2 Pastor Rick Long 2015-11-15 General Topics
2015-11-08 Hear the Call to Battle! Joshua 1 Pastor Rick Long 2015-11-08 General Topics
2015-11-01 Does It Pay To Be "Reformation Christians"? Pastor Rick Long 2015-11-01 General Topics
2015-10-25 Keep on Praying with Persistence Pastor Rick Long 2015-10-25 General Topics
2015-10-18 Pastor Rick Long 2015-10-18 General Topics
2015-10-11 How Will We Genuinely Love Generously? Pastor Rick Long 2015-10-11 General Topics
2015-10-04 Luke Long: Concerning the Cost Luke Long 2015-10-04 General Topics
2015-09-27 What Walls Need to Come Down? Proverbs 19:17 Pastor Rick Long 2015-09-27 General Topics
2015-09-20 How Tight Is Your Grasp? Matthew 19:16-22 Pastor Rick Long 2015-09-20 General Topics
2015-09-13 Who Is Welcome Into Your Life? Luke 14:7-14 Pastor Rick Long 2015-09-13 General Topics
2015-09-06 Let's Watch and Work Matthew 24:32-51 Pastor Rick Long 2015-09-09 General Topics
2015-08-30 Guest Speaker: Andrew Kneeland Daniel 3:15-29 2015-08-30 General Topics
2015-08-23 Guest Speaker: Doug Nichols 2015-08-23 General Topics
2015-08-16 We Can Know For Sure! Pastor Rick Long 2015-08-16 General Topics
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